B’reisihit/ “In the beginning”

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  • Dina Mann

    Was the Sabbath created? Or is the Sabbath a day of rest? Discuss.

  • Amelia Klein

    The beginning of all beginnings. Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Their stories. Our stories. Whose tree of knowledge?

  • jdawggg

    In the beginning. Did anything come before the beginning?

  • The Torah In Haiku

    G-d spoke, and it was / Six days to create the world / Then Shabbat, to rest

  • ShaneHankins

    Ontology, Astrophysics, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Sexology, Herpetology, Ethics, Criminology, Forensics, Sociology

  • urilam

    Deus criou o Início. Ceu-e-Terra. Oivey vavey. 1-2-3-4-5-6, tudo quase de uma vez. Adam Primordial no Jardim da Juventude. Pardes. Vergonha sem vergonha. 7 Shabat. Dia 8 – Deixamos o Paraíso: agora a bola está com a gente.

  • Lex Rofes

    To what extent was the snake telling the truth? Should we be happy “our eyes were opened”? Is nudity shameful? Also…creation happens.

  • David Wu

    In the beginning, God created heavens and the earth. If this is true, what can’t be?

  • Joshua Lipton

    Two different versions of creation. Were animals or man created first?

  • Caroline Perlis

    Bereshit is about god creating the world, man, day, night, water, and living things. It is about Adam and Eve. It is also about Noah, Jacob, Abraham, and many more prophets and important people. It is also about the people going to the land of Israel.

  • Jacob Estroff

    In 6 days God created the world and all that’s in it, on the 7th day God rested. The first humans sinned and were punished, they bore Cain and Abel. Cain kills Abel out of jealousy for God’s approval. After a many generations Noah is born, he was favored by God.

  • Ayelet Bernstein

    In the beginning God first created all of nature in five days then he created a man and a woman in his image. Then he created a man from dust and women from his rib. Last he rested.

  • Nathan

    In breishet, two creation stories are told and Adam and Eve are created. They eat from the tree of wisdom against gods commands and are punished. They have sons, Cain and Abel, and CAin kills Abel. Then People spread through the lands.

  • Rivka

    Before G-d created the world there was a unformed void. G-d began to create the world and made humans. The human’s names were Adam and Eve. They bore two sons named Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and G-d punished him. Everyone had more children and lived to a very old age.

  • Rebecca Simonoff

    God created everything (heavens, earth, light, dark, separation of water, life, land, and people) then rested. How long was each day of creation?

  • Rosalie Karlin

    Parshat Bereshit is split up into two parts- Adam being created from the words of G-d and Adam created from the earth.

  • Jonathan Vainer

    God created earth in 6 days, rested on the 7th. Each day a thing was created. Adam and Eve ate from a tree and went to labor. Son Cain killed brother Able.

  • Rebecca Simonoff

    God created everything (heavens, earth, light, dark, separation of water, life, land, and people) then rested. How long was each day of creation?

  • Zoe Bagel

    God created the world and all that lay inside it- the heavens, the earth, light and dark, man and woman, and the nature- like atmosphere. Adam and Eve sinned- they were punished and exempted from the garden.

  • Levi

    God make earth. God make life & say no eat from tree. Adam & Eve do because of snake. Cain & Abel born. Cain kill Abel. More men born and they evil.

  • Nath

    “And God created man in his image”. What does this mean? Do we look like God or can we act like God, that is, have the same qualities. On Yom Kippur we read that God is “compassionate, just, slow to anger, gracious, abundance in kindness and truth” These are great human qualities and that’s how we should behave. If we do we will meet the creators expectations.

  • ruth

    Out of God’s mystery,Creation.Thru consciousness, we awaken to our divine spark & violent impulses.We must tend the earth & contend w/death.

  • Lisa Fernandez

    Let there be light, and there was light. And so on and so forth. Until Adam and Eve. The two of them were naked yet they felt no shame. Enter the snake.

  • Erin Brouse

    Eve, the first rebel, pushing boundaries, creating man and naming him.