B’reisihit/ “In the beginning”

In the beginning.. The creation of the world… The rise and fall of mankind… Offspring and murder are invented almost simultaneously… Things aren’t what they used to be.

Go Deep. Write about a time you went somewhere that was off limits.


  • chrismodry

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  • Dina Mann

    I went to a bamboo grove in Kyoto. There is a paved walkway with a fence where tourists are supposed to stay. I went through a hole in the fence and took amazing pictures. I paid for it later. 20 mosquito bites on each leg.

  • jdawggg

    I visited my Bubbie and Zayde in Florida. I went on a long walk with my brother and Bubbie and we tried to take a shortcut to get back. To do so we had to scale a fence. After some hesitation, we all did, including my then 60-something year old Bubbie, and went through some private tennis courts to get back home.

  • ShaneHankins

    When I was a boy in Ohio we had a small fishing boat we used in
    Lake Eerie. Our launching point was near Camp Perry, which had a large outdoor shooting range that necessitated a swath of the Lake to be declared off-limits for boating and fishing. Nothing spoils angling for Walleye and Perch like getting hit with .50 bullets or mortar shells. We decided this was more of a suggestion than a rule. This was working out grandly until we were stopped by a Coast Guard vessel whose crew sternly rebuked us and sent us on our way out of the Forbidden Zone. Nothing says “Family Fun” like the violation of Federal Law and the reckless endangerment of minors. But the fishing was pretty good, I have to admit.

  • Amelia Klein

    I raided the chocolate cookie jar. Age 6.

  • jgw

    While traveling in Alaska, we took a helicopter to a glacier. It wasn’t off limits but it felt like it should be.

  • Cronegoddess Margo

    I had a desire to do a skydive for my 75th birthday….I wanted to do it I had no anxiety or fear til I was in the open doorway of the plane…The enormity of the creation of the UNIVERSE hit me in the feeling of G-D’s breath No turning back…It was my and will remain to be MY LEAP OF FAITH…..AWESOME EXPERIENCE

  • Lisa B. Grissom

    when I was in junior high, I climbed onto a huge cliff overlooking the ocean with a bunch of other kids. the cliff was definitely on private property but the ocean is for everyone, right? we all jumped from the cliff into the chilly Atlantic. totally exilarating…and a little dangerous.